New beta version of CareerBeacon offering more features, fewer jobs

Fredericton — A New Brunswick man is ending the day on a disappointing note as the changes to CareerBeacon’s user interface are not what he dreamed them to be.

CareerBeacon is a popular website that lists job opportunities, allowing visitors to filter by field of interest, skill, location and date posted. The site has recently released a trial version to supposedly enhance its features, but according to Alan Bowes, the adjustments are not improving the experience for New Brunswick job-seekers whatsoever. The 33-year-old unemployed Frederictonian shared some of his frustrations.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.56.18 AM“When you filter by the province of New Brunswick, there is an audible laugh or chuckle made by the website, and then the same 4 exciting job opportunities are returned. Also their SEO algorithm must be broken because when I perform a Google search for ‘CareerBeacon NB,’ Google asks, ‘Did you mean crispy bacon?’ It’s just terrible,” explained Bowes in the basement of his mother’s house a little before noon on Tuesday.

“We already have to create all these career profiles for every company in the Maritimes!” Bowes went on. “Can they not just give us an email address where we can send our resumés? I nearly tore my mother’s house apart the other day because I lost my username and password to my online Enterprise Rent-a-Car profile I supposedly created a year ago. And don’t even get me started on copying and pasting your resumé in that horrible plain-text box they give you! My resumé looked like The Matrix after I pasted it in there!”

The Manatee’s news staff were forced to vacate Bowes’ “apartment” immediately, as things were getting a little heated while discussing the copy-and-paste feature on most application websites. Our own research concluded that despite the fact that CareerBeacon is trying their best to improve certain features for their user-base, it is still far from a walk in the park, which coincidentally is a personal interest listed on Alan Bowes’ resumé.


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