NB parenting group offering all-natural measles ‘vaccinations’

Fredericton — From the outside, it looks like any other quiet suburban house. But step inside and you’ll find a home teeming with communicable diseases such as measles, mumps and whooping cough while groups of children play merrily.

“When our friend’s son caught the measles after a trip to Disney, we realized we had an opportunity to naturally immunize all our children,” said Kelly Sharpe, founder and president of the United Naturopathic INformation Federation of Rubella, Measles and Eradicated Diseases, also known as UNINFORMED. “So we started throwing measles parties, and it just went from there.”

UNINFORMED is a New Brunswick-based parents’ association that has helped hundreds of local children become infected and naturally vaccinated with whooping cough, measles, mumps and chickenpox. “Our mission statement is ‘Stopping the government from poisoning children with vaccines,’” said Sharpe.

measles1Sharpe pointed to a framed picture of Jenny McCarthy on her wall. “She’s brilliant,” said Sharpe. “Her insights have turned the medical community on its head.”

Despite McCarthy’s lack of medical expertise, UNINFORMED believes her experience as a mother and Playboy model have made her an expert both in contagious diseases and neurological issues. “It’s all about being natural,” explained Sharpe, who has spent countless hours researching vaccines on Facebook. “Even though there is less mercury in vaccinations than in breast milk, it just isn’t natural to protect your children from diseases. Instead, we think it’s better to make our children as sick as possible so they are healthier in the long run. We just want our kids to have the mumps before they get in the NHL.”

Indeed, UNINFORMED has been organizing not only measles parties, but also multi-disease gatherings such as a Measles Mumps Rubella day-camp, which Sharpe believes is a better, more natural solution than the MMR vaccine. “Do not listen to medical doctors and scientists,” Sharpe said. “’Big Pharma’ knows that vaccines are causing neuro-cognitive issues in children and they are trying to force it on us so they can control the population.”

UNINFORMED believes they are taking a “child-centric” approach. “The kids love it,” explained Sharpe. “They don’t get to see each other much outside of the parties because they are mostly home-schooled.” During the party, children share toys and food without washing their hands and in complete disregard to the spread of germs. “We like to serve them special treats to make it fun,” said Sharpe. “We have gluten-free, organic granola made with steel-cut oats and chia seeds and a delicious dairy-free Greek yogurt. It’s yummy and boosts their immune system so they can better handle high fevers and being deathly ill.”

The Manatee spoke with Dr. Chantal Chretien of the New Brunswick Health Department. “We obviously don’t advocate this sort of thing,” she said of the measles and MMR parties. “These parents are playing with fire. What are they going to do if smallpox or polio makes a return? There is nothing natural about your child needing an iron lung to breathe.”

As for UNINFORMED, Sharpe says they aren’t worried. “Herd immunity is a government conspiracy; we’re not cattle, we’re human beings.” She feels they can handle any disease that nature throws their way. “If we have to host Ebola parties to make sure our children are safe, then that’s just what we’ll do.”

For more information on natural immunizations or to see schedules for upcoming March break MMR day-camps and whooping cough parties, join the UNINFORMED Facebook group.

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