New Brunswick dentist says killing of Cecil has ruined lion-killing for dentists everywhere

St. Stephen — The killing of Cecil the lion made headlines around the world when it was revealed that American dentist Dr. Walt Palmer lured the famed lion away from his sanctuary in order to hunt and kill him. One New Brunswick dentist has voiced his extreme displeasure with Palmer’s actions, insisting that he’s given all dentists a poor reputation.

“He’s really ruined lion- killing for the rest of us,” said a dismayed Dr. James Norton of St. Stephen. “I used to love killing lions, but now I feel like I’ll be persecuted if I do it.”

Norton told The Manatee that it’s a pretty normal occurrence for himself and his dentist friends to go on big game-hunting trips together and that they’ve had to cancel their most recent excursion due to the extreme backlash that Palmer has faced in the U.S.

lion“We were booked to go to Zimbabwe in 2 weeks for a hunting trip,” he complained. “But no one will take a group of dentists in now — Palmer really gave us all a bad name.

“Dentists love big-game hunting; it’s what we do for fun,” explained Norton. “Firemen make calendars, policemen play charity hockey games, medical doctors don’t do anything because they’re losers and dentist hunt big game — I thought everyone knew that.”

The New Brunswick Dental Association released the following statement regarding the killing of Cecil the lion: “We at the N.B.D.A. are in no way associated with Dr. Walt Palmer and although we share his passion for killing, we ensure that we follow all local and international hunting laws at all times.”

Norton told our reporter that it’s not just lions that dentists love to kill. “Hippos, tigers, cheetahs, gorillas, but my favourite thing to hunt is giraffe,” he went on. “I like to use their necks to make decorative light poles for the inside of my house — I sell them on Kijiji too.”

Norton insists that this recent setback won’t deter big-game hunting for dentist for much longer as it’s something that he and his partners are just too passionate about. “I hope to be back out there sooner, rather than later,” he said. “I’m itching to kill again. Right now, the only thing that I’m killing is gum disease.”

  1. The lions native to New Brunswick have already been hunted to extinction due to these dentists. It’s a real shame.


    • Legal hunters are not just plain killers, nor horrible people, and they (and legal hunting)contribute far more to conservation and maintaining species and preserves than any peta types or hand wringers. By the way Diane, it’s “they’re”.


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