New Brunswick introduces pumpkin spice E.I. cheques for fall

New Brunswick introduces pumpkin spice E.I. cheques for fall

New Brunswick — As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, New Brunswick residents find solace in the many comforting autumn scents and flavours that start popping up all over the province.

This year, the government is getting in on the action by introducing a variety of fall-inspired employment insurance cheques that will be issued in five soothing scents: Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cider, Deer Hunt, Bonfire and for some reason Maple even though maple season is in the spring.

The new line was introduced on Friday morning outside Service Canada in Fredericton where Employment Minister Gilles LePage met with reporters for a scratch-and-sniff unveiling party.

“There are actually several practical uses for this new line of exciting cheques,” declared LePage while holding a Pumpkin Spice cheque to his nose. “Firstly, people love pumpkin spice and fall flavours and it seemed like we were missing an opportunity to have even more New Brunswickers excited about unemployment. More so though, we realized a large portion of those on E.I. don’t use the funds for food and take their earnings directly to the liquor store or to buy some smokes. So, these scents will hopefully make them hungry enough to go to the grocery store and get some food for their children instead.”

Reaction surrounding the announcement was largely positive.

“I’m already very excited to get the cheque, but this is adding a whole new dimension to it,” cheered an almost giddy Barney Thomlinson of Fredericton. “Pumpkin Spice? Deer Hunt? Which one will I get? I’m really hoping to collect them all eventually, which I’m sure I will.”

LePage told The Manatee that the government will allow registered E.I. collectors to opt out of the scented cheques if they have a sensitivity or allergy, and otherwise the scents will be issued at random.

A brief description of each scent was also released by the government:

Pumpkin Spice — We literally just grabbed a bunch of it from the back of a Tim Hortons delivery truck. So, it smells exactly like the lattes there.

Apple Cider — Smells like apple cider — don’t really know how else to explain it.

Deer Hunt — A deep, musky scent of leaves, dried blood and deer urine. Inspired by the great camo-wearing deer hunters of the province.

Bonfire — A dark, ashy scent rooted with black smoke and a hint of Alpine Lager.

Maple — Ever had maple syrup poured all over your body for fun? That’s exactly what this one smells like.

With high excitement surrounding these scents, New Brunswick is already planning on expanding in the future.

“The scent ideas are really limitless,” said LePage. “Winter, spring, summer, maybe even a Brian Gallant-scented one after he wins the next election — that one would be a huge draw, I’m sure. It’d be a subtle scent of Axe hair gel, Nivea face wipes and 100 per cent authentic Gallant sweat.”

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