Gallant changes slogan: ‘There’s nothing wrong with the old premier’

Gallant changes slogan: ‘There’s nothing wrong with the old premier’

New Brunswick — Hot on the heels of a viral video series showing children giving their opinions on the upcoming provincial election, Premier Brian Gallant is changing his slogan mid-campaign to capture the sentiment of one of the video’s clever little speakers.

“She’s dead on,” he proclaimed. “We’re always talking about issues and topics that are confusing to a lot of people. It really clouds the basics sometimes. If you break it right down to what matters in this election, it’s not infrastructure, it’s not doctors or teachers or minimum wage — it’s me. And like she said, there’s nothing wrong with me.”

The videos ask Fredericton children hard-hitting questions about politics to capture their views on important topics. And when nine-year-old Emma Lewis was asked who she would vote for and why, she quickly and confidently asserted: “Brian Gallant. There’s nothing wrong with our old premier! And, he’s pretty handsome, too.”

“About both things,” responded Gallant when asked what Lewis was right about. “First off, I am handsome. I know that sounds a little arrogant or whatever, but we all know it’s the truth. And more importantly, or at least almost as importantly, there is nothing wrong with me. I’m doing OK as premier and really I think our province should be happy with ‘OK.'”

The Manatee interviewed Lewis a second time, asking her to explain further why she thinks there’s nothing wrong with Gallant.

“Well, he just kind of looks likes there’s nothing wrong with him. And I do think he’s doing an OK job. I sure haven’t had any problems with him at all. I’ve got a house, food, lots of toys to play with, a couple of cats and I haven’t ever come close to dying or anything — so he must be doing something right.”

Our reporter pressed the premier on whether he took anything else from the videos.

“Oh yeah, lots of things during the debate,” he admitted. “I was watching them the whole time Higgs and Coon were talking, and thinking they should both be listening to the little other girl who said ‘no old people.’ That same kid talks a lot about smiling, and I’ll put my smile up against anyone in this friggin’ country. I’m always smiling, all the time. I don’t think Higgs has ever smiled in his life by the looks of him.”

The videos will now serve as a hot campaign tool for Gallant as he continues to try and convince New Brunswickers that there is in fact nothing wrong with him.

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