New Brunswick Teachers’ Association to acquire province’s wineries

New Brunswick Teachers’ Association to acquire province’s wineries

Fredericton — New Brunswick educators are taking a page from the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan’s book in an effort to improve teaching conditions.

The OTPP acquired the Constellation Brands wine business, and now teachers in the Picture Province are banding together to pursue the purchase of local wineries. This comes in response to the province’s 10-year plan unveiled earlier this year, entitled “Everyone at their best.”

“Like it says on my kitchen wall, ‘Wine gets better with age, I get better with wine,'” said Fredericton High School math teacher Heidi Nesbit. “Having a glass of wine before class could really help take the edge off.”

Leo Hayes High School history teacher Rhonda McDevitt agreed.

“Hey, if Gallant wants me to overcome challenges… this will be a step in the right direction. Haven’t you watched Drunk History? Imagine how much more interesting Canadian Studies is going to be!”

New Brunswick Teachers’ Association president Dawn Klinkenberg said the first stage will be to use roughly 80 percent of the association’s yearly budget to purchase the Magnetic Hill Winery in Moncton, and the other 20 percent to purchase “whatever other wineries there are.”

“We feel it will be well worth the cost, and if it worked in Ontario, it’s bound to work here as well,” she explained, pouring her 4th morning Malbec. “Wine and teaching have always gone hand in hand… no one ever admits that but I’m not afraid to speak my mind!

“Everyone likes wine. Teachers like wine. It just makes good, like, you know… crap, what was I talking about again?”

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