New Brunswick to launch ‘Premier’s Choice’ marijuana brand

New Brunswick to launch ‘Premier’s Choice’ marijuana brand

Fredericton — In a bid to capitalize on the lucrative recreational marijuana market, Premier Brian Gallant has announced his own line of weed that will be sold once Cannabis NB stores are up and running.

With marketing materials centred around his dog “Blaze,” Gallant plans to be the first premier to take a legal toke at the stroke of midnight on legalization day.

“We need to think progressively,” said Gallant, speaking at a press conference. “Pot tourism could bring about the economic boom this province has been dreaming of for decades. We’ve got Maine to our left, where pot will remain illegal, and they’ll be coming here in droves. I want them smoking Premier’s Choice.”

With legalization just months away, Gallant says he finally feels comfortable publicly admitting to pot use as a teenager. “Let’s be honest here. What New Brunswicker hasn’t spent a Saturday night with his dog ripping a bong behind a waterfall? It’s time to embrace the culture.”

Gallant has tasked Tourism Minister John Ames to come up with pot-centric events to attract tourists. Ames would only hint at the department’s ideas, saying the bulk of them will be saved for a big reveal on legalization day.

“Who wouldn’t want to hotbox the world’s longest covered bridge?” he asked with a sly wink. “We’ve got the world’s highest tides. Ever seen them while high?”

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