FHS students coin ‘condom trifecta challenge’

FHS students coin ‘condom trifecta challenge’

Fredericton — With the Tide pod challenge fading into history, local teens are searching for their next path to internet fame. Enter: the condom challenge.

Condoms are not new to the YouTube circuit. Some from the older generation may remember the days of the condom water-drop challenge, popularized in 2015. This involved filling a condom with water and dropping it onto one’s head. The result was the condom enveloping the face, typically sealing both the nasal and oral cavities airtight.

Natural selection hasn’t kept these folks down though. Survivors of cinnamon, Tide, and retro condom challenges can now challenge themselves to snorting a latex condom through their nose, and pulling it out of their mouth — without vomiting.

The Manatee caught up with Fredericton High’s first contender Christie Fadden, who felt that this challenge was made for her, and was eager to take it on and show the world her talents. Fadden uploaded her video, and was successful in both completing the challenge and garnering more views than any other condom-snorting video. She made her video stand out by snorting not one, but two Magnum condoms simultaneously.

This has encouraged other students to up the ante. Dillan Majors, a classmate, was unimpressed with Fadden’s accomplishments. “We all know what she’s capable of — none of us batted and eye at that trick. I plan to really out-do her with this new challenge I’m calling the ‘condom trifecta.’

“First, you roll the condom in cinnamon — sorta paying respect to all of those who have completed the cinnamon challenge. Next, you coat the inside with the contents of a Tide pod, which will also add wicked colour effects on top of paying homage to a now-classic challenge. Finally, you take this product-laced condom and snort it as per the latest challenge.”

Health authorities are cautioning people against partaking in this challenge, citing numerous concerns. Dr. Everett Chalmers ER nurse Cathy Smith shared with The Manatee that just last week a teen arrived through their doors with a sore nose that just wouldn’t resolve.

“Because of this new ‘trifecta’ challenge, this teenager had burning sinuses from the cinnamon, and the Tide pod chemicals were oozing out through their tear ducts. They were crying blue liquid, but because the condom was lodged in there, our only option was to completely remove their nose and build them a new one.”

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