New Brunswickers petition against weekend storm days

Neguac — Residents of the small north-eastern town of Neguac have been circulating a petition against winter storm days that serve no purpose by taking place on weekends.

When Frank Veno, 47, heard about the storm predicted to hit the province today, he decided it was time to put his foot down. “I said to myself, ‘enough is enough.’ How the heck are we supposed to get any time off work when all the big storms happen between Friday and Sunday nights?” he said, aggressively scraping snow from his truck’s windshield.

“I’m a teacher, and unfortunately for me, if the kids have to go to school, so do I,” he whined.

storm2Grade 11 student Lacey Trimble echoed her teacher’s sentiment, and thinks adding more storm days would be beneficial for everyone. “Personally, if I had more days away from school, I’d take the days I was there more seriously, and I’d probably even pay attention to whatever Mr. Veno’s talking about,” she said.

“And even if we had, say, a 2-day week every week, I could easily cram in the amount of work into those 2 days that I’d normally spread over 5.”

Veno drafted his appeal yesterday and walked through the stark coldness to knock on every door in Neguac, quickly gathering more than 500 signatures on the “No snow, no go” petition, as he’s calling it, a shortened version of his original title: “If there’s no snow, we still don’t go (to work).” Once he’s convinced 1,000 people to sign it, he’s planning to take it to the Legislature in Fredericton and demand a law be created to give workers a day off on Monday when a storm happens Sunday, or on Friday if a storm is predicted for Saturday.

Veno had at first planned to present the petition to the province’s meteorologists, until — much to his dismay — his wife informed him that meteorologists can’t in fact control the weather, but can only predict it with some accuracy.

If a law passes to let New Brunswickers stay at home Friday or Monday when a storm occurs on the weekend, it will also apply to holidays; for example, if there’s a storm that would be bad enough to close schools and workplaces on Easter Monday, Tuesday would be considered a storm day.

“We just don’t get enough holidays, especially during the winter,” Veno explained to The Manatee‘s reporter, who was angry at having to spend the weekend interviewing irate citizens dreading work on Monday. “It gets pretty depressing, really.”

  1. OMG-Really!! if you work at a school and “Don’t” want to be there either apply for part time a couple of days a week or just get the hell out!! Suck It Up!!! You really think the government of NB will do that. Well you have another thing coming. There are only snow days when school is in (btw-the english start back on the 6th they have professional learning days on the 5th) , if and when there is a storm coming there will be a “snow day” then you stay home get done what u have to get done. Other than that you are not getting that xtra day unless u take a sick day and you are not really sick. So just take a vacation day!! While you’re thinking of making a stupid petition for a snow day-think of this: Way back in the 30-60, there were no such thing as snow days and if they closed the schools during the week because of a storm, they made them go on saturdays to make up for that lost day(s). So that is 6 days of school back then. Becareful they could ho back to that and you would only have sunday off!!

  2. This is such a laugh because the fact I am from neguac & there no one here by those names its a french community atleast get something right!

  3. How many times in the summer has it drizzled on a weekend in the summer and it totally ruined my indoor swimming plans? I, for one, think this should include any bad weather on the weekend (rain, snow, cloudy skies).


  5. Do the writers get paid writing this stuff or is it a volunteer position? If there is pay I wanna work at the Manatee. It seems like a fun as hell job!!

  6. “Veno explained to The Manatee‘s reporter, who was angry at having to spend the weekend interviewing”

    Typical Manatee attitude.

    Also, I do agree that working or going to school for ~40 hours a week is almost slave work as you barely have any time for yourself. But this idea is ridiculous.


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