New Brunswickers visiting PEI must now show vaccination records

New Brunswickers visiting PEI must now show vaccination records

Prince Edward Island — Starting June 5, Health PEI will be requesting the vaccination records of anyone in a vehicle with a New Brunswick licence plate crossing to the Island via the Confederation Bridge or the ferry. The news comes after a measles outbreak in Saint John, N.B.

To date the outbreak has affected at least 12 people with countless others possibly infected throughout New Brunswick and other parts of the Maritimes.

Anyone who tries to cross the strait without checking in at the new “vaccination annex” risks a fine ranging from $50 to $1,000 per person.

“Residents of New Brunswick who do not have their up-to-date vaccination card or do not have proof of an up-to-date MMR shot will be escorted to the vaccination room,” explained Health Minister James Aylward. “There they will get their shots before being allowed to set foot on our beautiful red dirt.”

Alternatively, tourists will be welcome to turn around and visit one of the many attractions the rest of the Maritimes has to offer. “However,” continued Aylward, “they WILL still be responsible for the $47.25 bridge toll or the $67.50 ferry toll depending on their point of crossing, should they choose not to visit our little island.”

While some residents of New Brunswick dislike this initiative, Islanders are more than happy that the government is taking measures to curb a possible measles outbreak at home.

“My kids have their shots, but what about the BABIES!?” implored Karen Gallant of Summerside. “Kids who are too young to get vaccinated could catch a disease from those crazy anti-vax mainlanders!”

Signage has begun popping up on the New Brunswick side of the bridge as far out as Cap-Pelé. It can also be seen at the Wood Islands ferry landing.

“We’ve even updated 511, the tourist line,” concluded Aylward. The PEI Department of Health and Wellness anticipates a net of $2.6-$4.1 million will be raised by the fines resulting from this initiative that will be put toward hiring some doctors for rural clinics throughout Prince Edward Island.

“It looks like this outbreak was a blessing in disguise,” added Gallant. “With all the money raised stopping measly New Brunswickers I’ll be able to see a psychiatrist or get an abortion if I need one!”

  1. What kind of people do you choose to I interview? There is people on the island who choose not to vaccinate. The person you interviewed just might need that appointment. Who bashes people based on where they live is ridiculous. Also keep your children at home. We have forgotten how to reduce the risk by exposing ourselves to less people. “If possible”, leave young infants/children/seniors at home when shopping or running errands. You run into many people from outside areas at grocery stores and shopping areas. Reduce this time especially during outbreaks and cold and flu season. Express your thoughts and opinions wisely. Your point of view is right for you but you can’t put your beliefs on others. I am a Grandmother of children who were vaccinated on a schedule agreed upon by my doctor. One baby vaccinated early due to meningitis outbreak at 6 months and I have one Autistic child. My grandchildren are also vaccinated. As my doctor says you inoculate the herd to protect the weak/vulnerable/and unvaccinated. There is always going to be those who are unvaccinated that join the herd.

  2. I know my children and have been vacinated but how can i get records. I dont have the card that they used when they were younger

  3. As a resident of PEI I support this initiative!

    • If this is a “joke” I am not laughing…family from Alberta, Ontario and NB have planned a family reunion in PEI this summer…now to cancel the cottages rented, flight plans and tours to find another place to gather.
      I believe in a comprehensive , compulsory immunization programs, FOR ALL…not just visitors..your tourist bureau had better pick up the baton and pre warn well in advance …..each and every tourist PERSONALLY… booked for any activity in PEI…..crossing via bridge and airport for those flying in, cruise ships, boat tours ECT.
      If this is a joke..not smart to corrupt a very serious matter when travelling…

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        Also, the story doesn’t mention any province but NB and PEI. If it were true
        A- it would ONLY affect those 2 provinces not Alberans or Ontarians
        B- How would PEI possibly make any money with the overhead involved in policing it?
        C- It’s not PEI’s fault New Brunswickers have has a measles outbreak.

        Don’t believe everything you read online

  4. Who wants to go to ur shitty little island anyway? Dumb ass patato fucks.


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