New Brunswick’s top 10 April Fool’s Day pranks

New Brunswick’s top 10 April Fool’s Day pranks

It’s April Fool’s Day again in New Brunswick!

Today, pranksters and kidders will be doing their utmost to get one over on New Brunswickers in the spirit of mischief and just good fun.

And after a couple of tough years, many are anxious to get back to the normal pranks and gags often seen on this day. Even the New Brunswick government and other well-know figures are getting in on the fun!

The Manatee has been keenly observing the horseplay and hijinks, and we’ve compiled a list of today’s top pranks. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 April Fool’s Day New Brunswick pranks for 2022:

  1. Local man tricked into spending $75,000 on gas money for strangers.
  2. Teachers tell kids they can wear Halloween costumes to school as long as the costume includes a mask.
  3. Brunswick News reveals it was actually sold to “Woke-media” — not Postmedia — sparking a dramatic change in editorial direction.
  4. People’s Alliance say they agreed to join the Tories only if the cafeteria agreed to take french fries off the menu.
  5. Health care workers disclose that they party at the hospital after shift because its the only place where everyone is still masked.
  6. Treasury Board reveals a “switcheroo” prank — front line workers are getting the 15 per cent raise instead of politicians. 
  7. The government “rent cap” is actually a camo trucker hat with embroidered artwork from the musical, Rent.
  8. Public Health switches to “Whose Line Is it? COVID reporting” — where the data’s made up and the cases don’t matter.
  9. Developers fool government into buying gigantic cardboard cut-outs of nuclear reactors labelled “TBI” (“To Be Invented”).
  10. Blaine Higgs says getting COVID is inevitable.

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