New NB Liberal leader not as good-looking as old one

New NB Liberal leader not as good-looking as old one

New Brunswick — With the only other applicant dropping out of the race to become the new leader of New Brunswick’s Liberal Party, it appears as though Canadian hero Kevin Vickers is set to take the reins.

Reactions to the new leader have been mostly negative from Liberal supporters around the province, surprisingly even in Vickers’s hometown of Miramichi.

“I mean, sure it’s nice to root for the hometown guy,” admitted Sally Esters who lives in the city. “But as a Liberal, my bar is set really high in the looks department thanks to Mr. Gallant, and this guy isn’t coming close. Work out much, Kevin?”

Esters certainly wasn’t the only one holding that opinion as dozens of Liberal supporters protested by tweeting to the party’s official Twitter page.

“This guy’s smile doesn’t even light up a room,” wrote one user with the Twitter handle of @BigBriG. “The last guy was so handsome and charming and had eyes that you could lose yourself in. He had the body of a pro athlete, the complexion of a runway model and a butt that you’d swear was sculpted by God himself.”

The Manatee asked Vickers if he was intimidated by the vacancy left by former premier Brian Gallant.

“How could I not be?” he quipped. “The guy was a 10! I probably don’t even deserve to be in the man’s shadow to tell you the truth. Though, at least in the shadows I can hide my ugly face a littler better.”

Vickers claimed he won’t let the amazing handsomeness of Gallant get him down, and that he’s motivated to work toward improving his looks, knowing that’s what the party’s supporters want.

“Listen, you can’t argue what people want. Mr. Gallant won an election and almost won another — it’s obvious to me that people put a lot of emphasis on looks and I know that means I have to up my game.

“I’ve hired a new hairdresser, personal trainer, spray-tan applier and fashion consultant. I came into this thing not knowing anything about politics and have been working tirelessly to figure out how to look better — policies and stuff can wait.”

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