New concert series lets music fans talk throughout entire shows

New concert series lets music fans talk throughout entire shows

Moncton — A new concert series will be soon be added to the growing festival scene in Moncton this summer, setting itself apart by letting patrons pay a premium to talk throughout the entirety of an artist’s musical performance.

The festival, known as Talk the Rock, will be hosted at The Fish and Pig, a popular bar that has hosted numerous concerts in the past and has become a mainstay in the city’s growing music scene.

“This is going to be the concert event of the summer for music fans who want to come out and support these artists and listen to the music they love all while talking to their friends about some Netflix show they’re watching,” said Fish and Pig proprietor and festival organizer Jacob Bauer.

“We really want to create an intimate atmosphere of a noisy bar with a bunch of people speaking loudly over background music,” he added. “You know, the kind of environment real music lovers pay top dollar for when they go out to see their favourite acts perform live.”

A pass for the week-long festival will cost about $125 after taxes and service fees, and will include admission to every performance as well as access to a newly created phone-charging hub, where patrons can sit and chat with each other while they wait for their smartphones to charge.

“We are excited about the new charging stations we’re installing for the festival, which is something that many concert venues have historically been lacking,” Bauer adds.

“We know how much real music fans love taking videos of shows so they can undoubtedly go home and watch them later, reliving the experience of barely paying attention to the performance but in the comfort of their own homes while they watch a baseball game in the background.”

Other events planned for Talk the Rock include “Flash-only shows,” where patrons must leave the flash on their cameras when taking photos, and a special “White Chick Comp Ticket Night,” where only young white women who get free tickets can go see a band they’ve never heard of, talk among themselves, and then leave after three songs.

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