Nova Scotia wind turbines not used for power but to keep smell of New Brunswick out

Nova Scotia wind turbines not used for power but to keep smell of New Brunswick out

Nova Scotia — Anyone who has ever travelled into Nova Scotia has probably noticed the large number of wind turbines in the province, seemingly used as a clean energy source. But, a shocking report has surfaced this week suggesting that the real purpose behind these giant turbines is to act as a fan and “keep the stink out from New Brunswick.”

The discovery was made by an aide to Premier Brian Gallant’s energy team who was researching the possibility of building similar turbines in the Picture Province.

“I went to Halifax to find some information,” explained Maya Young, who’s been working as an aide for the past year. “And nobody would give me any answers, any documentation or any access at all to any relevant files — the whole thing seemed really strange to me.”

Young told The Manatee that she decided to do her investigative work by stopping at a so-called “wind farm” on her way back to New Brunswick, just outside of the provincial border.

“I stopped and bought a shovel, scaled a fence and found the nearest turbine and started digging,” she recalled. “And that’s when I found some shocking evidence: there weren’t any wires, lines or cords anywhere! I dug all around the base and found nothing.”

Young said she then went knocking on doors in the nearby area, looking for answers.

“That’s when I came across Harold,” Young recalled.

Harold Willard is an 83-year-old who has lived in Amherst by the border of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick his entire life. He was there when the turbines were installed.

“I was pretty interested in the whole ordeal,” Willard explained. “Back in my day we got power from coal. The only thing we used wind for was to fly kites and dry clothes — so, I wanted to know what the hubbub was about. I went over when they was putting those windmills in and I asked the foreman why there weren’t any wires or anything and he told me I better mind my own business.”

Willard went on to detail how he eventually came to find the truth behind the wireless wind turbines and their real purpose. “One night I ran into that same guy in a bar,” he continued. “So, I kept ordering him drinks in hopes that he would finally tell me about those things, and it worked.”

Willard confided that the mystery foreman in question told him in secret that the turbines were ordered by the government not to produce electricity, but to keep the “stank out from New Brunswick.”

“That’s the first time I’d ever heard the word ‘stank,'” admitted Willard, “but, I knew what he meant. On a clear day, I can smell Saint John just as if I was living there, which I’d never ever do.”

Premier Gallant has yet to make an official announcement about his cabinet’s findings, but he did tell our reporter that he too is interested in finding a way to keep the smell of Saint John away from his house.

  1. why don’t they use them to generate power from new brunswick? they could have all of the people on ei come help spin the blades. win-win multitasking


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