O’Toole questions why Trudeau won’t meet with dude who pissed on war memorial

O’Toole questions why Trudeau won’t meet with dude who pissed on war memorial

Ottawa — As many of those involved in the the anti-vaccine convoy return home, truck nuts tucked firmly between their legs, the Leader of the Opposition is asking why Prime Minister Trudeau will not meet with some of the protest’s most unruly members.

“Mr. Prime Minister, why are you ignoring the voices that are so clearly yelling, screaming and urinating their message?” Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole asked in the House of Commons on Tuesday. 

“Hear, hear!” the other members of his party cried behind him.

“In a clearly divided nation, why are you not listening to these opinions?” he demanded. “Take these fine Canadians…”

He gestured to an image of protestors desecrating a statue of Terry Fox.

“Maybe they think Terry Fox sucks. That’s certainly a unique perspective, and I, for one, would like to hear why.”

“Hear…hear?” the chorus mumbled behind him, less certain than before.

“Well, Mr. Trudeau, I have a little surprise for you. You’ve tried to avoid him for too long. Here he is — the war monument urinator!”

The doors swung open to reveal a scraggly looking protestor, confidently striding across the floor while carrying a confederate flag. 

“Mr. Speaker,” Trudeau began to protest, but O’Toole ignored him. 

“Go ahead, son,” he prompted. “Give him a piece of your mind.”

The protestor gave a quiet nod, and dropped his pants and began to urinate onto the floor of the House of Commons, before being quickly escorted out. 

In the end, the pissing protester was not able to gain a formal meeting with the prime minister. He is, however, scheduled to appear on The Joe Rogan Experience later this week. 

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