PANB supporter pretty sure it’s ‘common sense’ to make death threats

PANB supporter pretty sure it’s ‘common sense’ to make death threats

Fredericton — People’s Alliance voter Frank Carson is up in arms today after a CBC story alerted him to the fact that Green MLA Kevin Arseneau drew a rather shaky comparison between Alliance Leader Kris Austin and his supposed “populist rhetoric” and Hitler’s minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels.

“I already threatened to assault him — that’s just common sense, if you ask me. It’s the very definition of it. An eye for an eye and all that,” Carson told our reporter. “Hey — didn’t I threaten to bomb your house one time? You look kinda familiar.”

We shook our head no, even though, yes, he did.

“Anyway, attempting to compare our party to the Nazis is totally unforgivable,” continued the man who was in the middle of composing another death threat aimed at someone he’s never met in person. “Words hurt, you know.”

Arseneau claimed that the People’s Alliance uses this rhetoric of common sense to gloss over and undermine francophone rights in New Brunswick. His allusion to Nazi Germany’s propaganda was admittedly uncalled for, but according to Carson, it completely warrants threats to Arseneau’s health and safety.

“If he doesn’t apologize for saying something like that, he’s going to get it. Just you wait.” Carson then got out his best notepad and calligraphy pen and wrote “Eat shit and die” in surprisingly legible cursive, with most of the words spelled correctly.

Arseneau has invited Austin to explain the meaning of common sense as he sees it, but Austin says it’s not common sense to define common sense — and everyone knows that. Austin would also not reply to our emails or phone calls; his assistant told us it’s not his job as a political party leader to deal with reporters or the public, or to answer questions.


  1. Ah ‘. Common sense’ – wasn’t that Mike Harris’ cry?


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