‘Plastic problems over,’ say N.S. consumers after bag ban passes

‘Plastic problems over,’ say N.S. consumers after bag ban passes

Halifax — Environmental advocates are cheering the Nova Scotia government after it passed a controversial plastic bag ban last Tuesday.

As Haligonians celebrate the elimination of single-use grocery bags — the leading cause of tons of unrecyclable plastic stockpiled at landfills — shoppers at the local Loblaws grocery store told The Manatee that they are glad the plastic crisis is over.

“This ban is huge!” said one shopper buying ten Styrofoam trays of meat wrapped in cling-wrap. “Of course it doesn’t apply to all bags, but still it’s a big win for the planet!”

Another patron discounted the need for plastic bags completely. “Look at this milk jug!” he laughed, holding it up. “It has a handle! It doesn’t need a bag!

“And what about all of these containers?” he said motioning toward his grocery cart. “Laundry soap, ketchup, salad dressing, vitamins, vegetable oil, sour cream, peanut butter, margarine, juice, bread, yogurt, Nicorette, my prescriptions, everything! They all fit easily in a reusable bag. We don’t need plastic!”

“It might be a bit inconvenient, but our children’s future is worth it,” said another customer, sipping on a Tim Horton’s coffee while picking up prepackaged lunches and clam-shell packs of fruit. “Did you know turtles eat those plastic bags? It’s so sad!”

One post-millennial wants all stores in Canada to follow Nova Scotia’s lead with their own plastic bag bans. “All of the stores need to take their plastic bags, put them in a garbage bag and throw them away!

“We only have one planet, sheep-eople! Wake up!” she said.

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