Professor accuses Mount Allison of not disclosing that they actually offer classes

Professor accuses Mount Allison of not disclosing that they actually offer classes

Sackville — A high-profile business professor is suing Mount Allison University, claiming that the school “misrepresented” the details of a job offer.  

Dr. Samuel Pepperto alleges that he agreed to leave his higher-paying job at Queen’s University to take a position at Mount Allison, under the assumption that he “wouldn’t have to actually teach.”

“They sent me numerous links, pamphlets and put me in contact with several professors and distinguished alumni,” he explained. “Even with all of this, there was certainly nothing to indicate that the school actually taught much of anything.”

Nevertheless, once he arrived, Pepperto discovered that the university had assigned him to three courses: Nothing 101, Lollygagging in the Modern Age, and Advanced Asshole Picking. Pepperto, furious, refused to teach.

“While we certainly want to comply with Dr. Pepperto’s demands,” said Mount Allison President Jean-Paul Boudreau, “due to a certain level of provincial and federal funding, there is, unfortunately a minimum level of education that we are forced to provide to our students.”

“Still, I can assure you, by most metrics, the teaching at Mount Allison barely qualifies.”

Still, Pepperto remains unsatisfied, and says that he will continue his lawsuit. If successful, he hopes to never endure the ignominy of having to teach ever again. Being a self-described “realist,” however, he says he has planned for alternative outcomes.

“If not, I’ll take up a job at a school that is more honest about its lack of education, such as London School of Business and Finance or Trump University,” he said, easing back into his leather chair.  

“But, who knows…after all of this, I might get really lazy and take a job in some public school.”

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