Province to expats in Alberta: ‘Stay away’

Province to expats in Alberta: ‘Stay away’

Fredericton — In a surprising announcement, the provincial government has stated that it will make all efforts to prevent the re-settling of New Brunswick workers wishing to move back home after losing their jobs in Alberta.

A recent survey suggests that more than 5,000 New Brunswick workers have fled the barren wasteland that is the New Brunswick employment market for the lure of the swanky, high-paying positions in the Alberta oil-patch. In towns such as Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie and Fort la Biche, neighbourhoods with names like “Little Boiestown” and “Shediacville” have popped up as more and more “folks from the East” move into the area to find work.

However, the plummeting price of oil has meant layoffs, and downsizing is forcing many out of work; the more desperate are considering a return to their home province. Their reintegration into New Brunswick society will not be easy, it seems.

Speaking before an empty gallery in the legislature, a spokesperson for the office of the premier stated that, “The province will not be accepting any New Brunswick citizens wishing to return home from Alberta until we have fully reviewed our immigration procedures.

“Our first priority is protecting the safety of our current residents and of the tenuous state of our economy.”

The Opposition parties have yet to comment on the announcement, but the impression is that the decision to close New Brunswick’s doors to its own citizens was a politically motivated one, considering it is in line with the government’s ongoing efforts to horde all the Alpine and Covered Bridge Storm Chips for itself.

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