Gallant, Coderre to meet to discuss possibility of ‘Sanitation South’ pipeline

Gallant, Coderre to meet to discuss possibility of ‘Sanitation South’ pipeline

Montreal — Although New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant and Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre do not see eye to eye on the Energy East Pipeline, there may be an alternative that could benefit both parties — a new pipeline dubbed the “Sanitation South,” which would see up to 8 billion litres of raw sewage pumped into Saint John’s Bay of Fundy each month.

Recently, Coderre has been under fire from coast to coast for strongly opposing Energy East citing environmental concerns, while at the same time pumping Montreal’s raw sewage into the Saint Lawrence River. Brian Gallant, on the other hand, is desperately attempting to revive his province’s dismal economic climate with the benefits that a pipeline would most certainly bring.

“It’s a win-win,” stated Gallant regarding the upcoming talks scheduled for April 20 at Montreal’s Ritz-Carlton hotel. “Montreal obviously needs to find a solution to this problem, and we have the natural resources right here in New Brunswick to whisk it off to sea.”

When asked about the possibility of health or environmental concerns obstructing the proposed pipeline, he laughed it off stating those concerns have already been “fired… er… addressed,” adding: “… for personal reasons I cannot discuss,” while holding back laughter and nudging Victor Boudreau with his elbow.

Coderre also seemed enthusiastic regarding the upcoming meeting, saying of Gallant: “He throws great parties.”

The meeting at the Ritz-Carlton in April is expected to cost taxpayers upwards of $85,000 and could result in tens of jobs for New Brunswickers.

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