Reduce immigration of Maxime Bernier, say NB’ers

Reduce immigration of Maxime Bernier, say NB’ers

Saint John — As Canada’s own Trump-wannabe starts his election campaign stops in New Brunswick today, a group of citizens want to make sure he feels unwelcome in the Picture Province.

In fact, they want to make sure that People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier — best known for his denial of climate change, use of far-right tropes and anti-immigrant vitriol — doesn’t linger in the province for any longer than absolutely necessary.

“Don’t stop to smell the purple violets on your way out,” directed Sandra Miller, chairperson of a new association called “Reduce Maxime Bernier Immigration.”

“Our goal is to reduce the immigration of Maxime Bernier and his Trump-style bullshit to zero per cent immediately,” said Miller. “If he needs a drive to the border, I will personally take him if he promises not to talk to me during the entire trip. And, I’m not sharing my snacks.”

Another local group known as “Bernier deniers” is growing in popularity. These activists are promoting the view that Maxime Bernier doesn’t even exist. “He is just an extreme right-wing myth that some wingnuts made up to troll the Libs,” said association president Mike Christie.

“There’s no way that in 2019 there is anyone running a national political party in Canada who believes climate change is a hoax. We just refuse to believe that could happen,” he said after finishing “breakfast six-pack” of Alpine.

Still others just want to limit the rise of populism in New Brunswick politics. “We already have a so-called ‘People’s’ party here in our province. And before Bernier shows up at one of their meetings…just a heads-up — most of them don’t really like French people.”

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