Relocation of St. Thomas University 'fallacy,' says mayor

Fredericton — Is St. Thomas University relocating to another city in New Brunswick, again? That’s the word coming out of Miramichi this week. But contrary to rumours suggesting that the university will  be moved back to Miramichi, its mayor has publicly stated that this is not the case.

The university, which was founded in Chatham in 1920 as St. Thomas Collebannerge, remained in the community until 1964, when it entered into an agreement with the University of New Brunswick to forever live in its shadow, and relocated to Fredericton.

Miramichiers have a long-held sense of pride at having rid themselves of the college and the negative influences it had on the town. Mayor Gerry Cormier, when questioned about the rumour that the university may return to Miramichi, responded: “Sorry, but we have no interest in going down that road again. It’s buyer beware, you know — no give-backs. Finders keepers, I guess. We don’t need all those hippies and free-thinkers with their keggers and arts and culture.”

The rumours began to swirl after The Manatee learned that Fredericton City Council had initiated plans to demolish the college buildings and raze the campus to make room for “BradLand,” a theme-park tribute to the long-serving mayor, Brad Woodside. Leaked documents stated that:

STU’s prime location, with its wonderful view of the city below and proximity to the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital, make it ideal real-estate for a theme park with waterslides, motor sports and a petting zoo.

Officials from Fredericton City Council were not available for comment.

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