Report: People are looking at your LinkedIn profile

Report: People are looking at your LinkedIn profile

Fredericton — A recent report published by LinkedIn Corp. has confirmed that people are looking at your LinkedIn profile. As you, the person reading this, sit there wasting time, business professionals are browsing your skills and work experience, and deciding whether they should endorse or even hire you.

The report, which states that there are more than 1,000 new jobs in New Brunswick, Canada, also strongly suggests that you congratulate someone named Mike Hollister on the new job.

“Here at LinkedIn, we specialize in reporting only the cold, hard facts surrounding the job market,” said report co-author Denise Barry. “We want to assure you that if you’re on LinkedIn, your name is out there and employers are taking notice. Let us help you land your dream job.”

Barry added that it’s important for LinkedIn users like you to take the time daily to see how well your profile stands out from the crowd. “You should also look to see what’s new with your LinkedIn connections,” she added.

The Manatee asked a random LinkedIn user based in New Brunswick about their experience with the world’s largest professional network. “I dunno,” said Sasha Fullarton of Fredericton. “It keeps asking me if I know John Johnson, Mike Michaels or Tom Thompson. Or I’ll get an email saying, ‘Your LinkedIn contact Sam Samson has endorsed you!’ I don’t even know who that is! And it seems he or she endorsed me in playwrighting — I’ve never written play, to my knowledge.”

The report ended by definitively stating that you have 8 profile views, 6 invitations and 1 job change waiting for you.


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