Scores of undergrads ‘injured’ following fight over Trudeau’s Castro statement

Scores of undergrads ‘injured’ following fight over Trudeau’s Castro statement

Saint John — A disagreement in the UNBSJ cafeteria turned ugly Monday when what normal people would hesitate to call a “fight” broke out over a statement Justin Trudeau released following the death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Surveillance footage shows a young male, wearing a black T-shirt with a hammer and sickle on the front, standing and slapping the top of his opponent’s head in an awkward helicopter-like motion.

The room then erupted with a half a dozen similar skirmishes with similarly pathetic tactics. In one corner of the room, a female removed her Sketcher brand shoe and tried to hit another female with the soft side. The other female retaliated by swinging her messenger bag around to strike her but was overcome by the centrifugal force and toppled over.

Stewart Bronson, director of communications for the Horizon Health Network, said that a number of students were promptly rushed to the Saint John Regional Emergency Room, 500 feet away.castro

“We were told to expect over a dozen students,” he said. “Despite being so close, it was insisted that we send all of the ambulances that were in the streets and awaiting in the bay.”

Dr. Hannah Forsythe was working in the ER at the time. “All in all, we treated about 10 mild to medium scrapes, a bruised buttocks, and several cracked iPhone screens.”

No charges have been laid and the names of those involved will not be released.

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