Shelley Rinehart bribes Saint John voters with cake

Shelley Rinehart bribes Saint John voters with cake

Saint John – You heard it here first: 2016 mayoral candidate Shelley Rinehart is bribing Saint John voters with cake.

This reporter was engaged in conversation at a downtown coffee shop when his tablemate stated, “I’d vote for Shelley Rinehart if I could get some cake,” and — bang! whappo! slammo! — Shelley Rinehart jumped around the corner wearing a green cape and carrying a cake. And not only did my companion get a piece of cake, but so did this reporter and the rest of the coffee shop.

“Vote for me, and life will be sweet!” she repeated as she and her staff skipped around the shop shaving pieces off the large green slab.

Some of the cake-eaters this reporter interviewed were not impressed.

Sandra Doiron of Hampton was sitting with friends and eating a buttered muffin. “It’s hard enough keeping the weight off as it is, and this cake isn’t helping,” she said as she shoved her piece in her mouth, her lips turning green. “And the frosting is green. What kind of mayor uses green frosting anyway? Is it supposed to represent money? How much is this cake costing tax payers anyway?” Ms. Doiron needed a second cup of coffee to wash down the confection.

Yet most of the patrons were swayed.

“It represents future prosperity for all,” said Geoff George, an accountant with a local construction company.

“It can’t be any worse than it already is,” Cynthia Dugood of West Saint John said.

The most poignant comment might have been from Nancy Brumfeld of Duke Street. “Mel Norton never gave anybody cake.”

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