Tim Hortons confirms Roll Up the Rim promotion is ongoing with regular cups

Tim Hortons confirms Roll Up the Rim promotion is ongoing with regular cups

Fredericton — Tim Hortons’ annual Roll Up The Rim To Win contest has become somewhat of a national treasure in the last 3 decades. Every spring a lucky 1 in 6 walks home with a prize in addition to their coffee, whether it’s another coffee, a donut, a gift card or even a car. Every year thousands flock to Timmy’s, as it is affectionately known, for the spring Roll Up craze.

“I was just sitting around, you know, a little frustrated by my lacklustre performance in this year’s Roll Up, when I decided I might as well roll up the rim. I don’t know what I was expecting, but when I saw what I won I just about went crazy.” Cornwallis won a $100 Tims card on his large double-double.

The secret promo, which has been confirmed by the company, is said to give customers a 1 in 32 chance of winning. “We don’t give away any coffees or donuts,” Tim Hortons spokesperson Kathy Winstead told The Manatee. “We have to save the quick and easy prizes for the real Roll Up season.”

Winstead also explained that they’ve been running a pool at their head office for the last 18 years to see when the first person would discover their secret. “I thought it would happen within the first 6 months, to be honest,” she said. “A few people here guessed over a decade, but I don’t think anyone thought it would take this long to be discovered. We have hundreds of bicycles and even a few cars that have been sitting in our warehouse for nearly 2 decades. Hopefully now we can make some room out back.”

Cornwallis believes he’s started a trend. “Some of my buddies only drink Tims during the promotion, but I think that might change now.”

He also had some words of encouragement to share with any would-be winners out there: “Don’t be discouraged if you don’t win. It says nothing under the rim when you roll it up if you don’t win, but if you’re that lucky 1 in 32 you’ll certainly have something to brag about. There’s a wealth of unrolled Tims cups in the garbage cans around the city — I think I might take a couple days off of work to go do some serious rolling.”

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