Statistics Canada reports more deaths than births in NB for first time

New Brunswick — According to Statistics Canada, for the first time in recorded history there were more deaths in New Brunswick last year than there were births. This is a telling sign about the current state of the province’s population and its struggle to assert itself as a viable place to raise a family and build a career.

babyReasons for this alarming statistic include the aging population and the out-migration of New Brunswick’s youth as they head toward Alberta and Ontario in search of employment. Many New Brunswick job-seekers are finding work in different parts of Canada and starting a family while away, making it more difficult to ever return to their home province.

Our reporter spoke with Kyle Hazlett, a teacher residing just outside of Fredericton, about how the province might be able to retain some of its younger population. “I heard that in Newfoundland they implemented a baby bonus, where you’d get a certain amount of money for each child that you had,” he said. “I think that’d be a great idea — especially considering my wife wants to have 7 kids.”

The Manatee was able to confirm that Newfoundland did implement a baby bonus system back in 2008 and although it led to an increase in births for a short period of time, the province has since seen a decline even lower than before the bonus was put in place. The Gallant government hasn’t yet shown interest in implementing such a bonus in New Brunswick.

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