Sussex hoping to cash in on potash ice cream

Sussex hoping to cash in on potash ice cream

Sussex — An idea for a new tasty summer treat could be a boon for mind, body and spirit — but it might also spark investment in the local natural resources sector.

Last summer, Toronto take-outs turned tidy profits churning out “black ice cream” — soft-serve with added activated charcoal. Now, a Sussex entrepreneur thinks his exciting product launch can put a uniquely New Brunswick twist on soft-serve swirls.

“Ice cream is my livelihood so I’m always watching for new trends,” said Brian Skully, owner of Skully’s Ice Cream Parlour in downtown Sussex. “When I saw charcoal-infused ice cream was a thing, it hit me like brain freeze! I called up the local mine and went straight to work in my food sciences lab…in my garage.

“Twelve long weeks and 65 pounds later, I’ve finally perfected my salty-sweet blend of potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and soft-serve. I am proud to present the next big thing in frozen treats — potash ice cream!”

The fad of eating activated charcoal recently gained popularity after being promoted by A-list celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow. Besides being fantastic fuel for the barbeque, charcoal also has a reputation as a potent detoxifier.  In addition to that, weird-looking black ice cream is ideal fodder for social networking platforms like Instagram.

However, that competition doesn’t faze Skully. “Who’s ever heard of eating charcoal? Puh-leeaze. Everyone knows the health benefits of eating potassium, and potash is as close to pure potassium as it gets. Me, I have 2L of potash ice cream every morning and I’m healthier than ever…except for the weight gain.”

“Oh, and my constant explosive diarrhea. But, that’s because of a milk allergy I think.”


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