‘The Bachelor’ contestant puts on fake Newfoundland accent in order to ‘stand out’

‘The Bachelor’ contestant puts on fake Newfoundland accent in order to ‘stand out’

Although the internet may be abuzz about Brianna, the Los Angeles-based Bachelor contestant putting on a fake Australian accent in order, she says, to “stand out,” few have taken note of Kasey Valmer, the 25-year-old model who adopted a Newfoundland persona for the same reason.

An early promo ahead of next week’s premiere shows Valmer trudging up to this year’s Bachelor, Colton Underwood, wearing a pair of sopping-wet fishing waders — and little else.

Somewhat put off, Underwood nevertheless takes her hands in his own and asks her about herself. Dispensing with the usual niceties, Valmer belches and says, “I’m gutfounded. Fire me up a scoff.”

The video then cuts to an interview segment with Colton, in which he tries to wrap his head around her behaviour.

“It’s just so different,” he says, scratching his head. “There’s something about her…It’s…It’s…Well, it’s just about got me drove!”

Seeing as Valmer originally hails from Florida, this, of course, is not her true accent. She says that she simply put it on after hearing that Underwood was interested in finding a carefree, small-town girl. She explained that she couldn’t think of any place more rural than Newfoundland, Canada.

“It’s competitive here,” Valmer told The Manatee with an unapologetic flip of her hair. “You learn fast that things don’t comes where yer at, ‘less you goes where they’re to.”

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