Premier Higgs offers finance minister job to Brian Gallant

Premier Higgs offers finance minister job to Brian Gallant

Fredericton — History is allegedly repeating itself this week in the provincial capital. Premier Blaine Higgs announced today that he is offering the job of finance minister to defeated premier Brian Gallant.

During the 2018 election campaign, Higgs bizarrely claimed that Gallant offered him the finance minister job after the Tories lost in 2014. And, Higgs offered a sworn affidavit that he signed himself as proof.

Now that Gallant has resigned as Liberal leader, Higgs is using the same strategy to put his former rival into what will become the most uncomfortable seat at the Legislature.

“The best part of any premier’s mandate is the first year where they get to blame every problem on the last guy,” explained Higgs. “And, I’m not going to sugar-coat this — I plan to do some pretty unpopular stuff in the next two years. I mean, folks are going to be pretty pissed off, and I mean big-time! But remember, I’m going to blame it all on Gallant and the Liberals anyway.

“So, this is just taking it one step further and trying to extend my honeymoon by making him actually responsible for my current government’s actions. Not a bad idea, right?

“And honestly, what the hell do I know about balanced budgets?” shrugged Higgs. “I ran four straight deficits when I was finance minister.”

Gallant was quick to respond to the offer from the tennis court where he was playing against both his wife Karine and his dog Blaze in a 2-on-1 match. Surprisingly, he accepted the offer on the spot.

“Hey, there are not a lot of jobs in New Brunswick where a 36-year-old guy like me can make a cabinet minister’s salary,” he said.

“And if Dominic Cardy can be education minister after being NDP leader, I mean…why the hell not?”

  1. Frank Wayne Jones January 8, 2019, 9:25 pm

    Premier Higgs… Have you spoken with MLA Gerry Lowe about a superintendent for Market Square Tower?


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