The Manatee releases limited-edition print newspaper

The Manatee releases limited-edition print newspaper

Fredericton — For the first time, Manatee stories are on real newsprint that’ll blacken your fingers AND your sense of humour! This parody paper is 12 pages of pure New Brunswick satire. It’s raunchy, disrespectful, and probably offensive — so don’t show your grandmother.

For now you can order copies from our online store, and stay tuned in the coming weeks for locations where you can pick them up. You can also place bulk orders for your workplace or business to keep customers, clients, and coworkers entertained and in the know. For orders larger than 20 contact us at

[Order here!]

The paper is 12 pages of original New Brunswick satire, with 4 colour pages. This is a one-off, but every order is helping to support The Manatee and future projects like these!


  1. I wonder how Irving feels about you cutting into their newspaper monopoly.


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