‘The Maritime Hat Trick’: tourism departments launch joint marketing campaign for Canada 150

‘The Maritime Hat Trick’: tourism departments launch joint marketing campaign for Canada 150

Halifax — With the Canada Day long weekend just around the corner, provincial tourism departments in all three Maritime provinces have announced a new promotion that has potential to become one of the most memorable parts of the nationwide Canada 150 celebration.

“The concept is simple,” said Tina Johnson, a representative with Tourism Nova Scotia. “You just need to ‘score’ in all three Maritime provinces and BOOM! There you have it, the Maritime Hat Trick! We’ve launched a website where people can post comments and photos; it’s an open forum where participants can share their experiences.

“And just to be clear, this is not a contest, there are no official rules or time limits; however, based on the initial feedback we’ve been getting, it looks like that competitive Canadian spirit we all know and love is starting to take hold. Our ultimate goal is to promote travel throughout the region and have 150,000 posts by the end of the summer in honour of the Maritimes, which we all think is the best part of this great country!”

The Manatee caught up with some people who managed to successfully complete the Maritime Hat Trick. Here’s what they had to say:

John from Toronto:

“I was in Moncton on business and heard about this Maritime Hat Trick while smashing Crafty Radlers at the Pump House Brewery. Before I knew it, I was back at the hotel ‘pumpin’ with some chick! Then I was off to Summerside and hooked up with a…a fisherwoman I guess. The next day my flight connected through Halifax and I got a handy under the table at the airport Tim Hortons from some local waiting for her boyfriend to get back from the oil patch. Does that count? Doesn’t matter, the Maritimes are awesome!”

Jennifer from Charlottetown:

“My husband and I were browsing the Doers & Dreamers guide, but it was the same old blah. Then we saw a Facebook post about the Maritime Hat Trick and decided to make a long weekend out of it. We booked a few B&Bs, picked up some local wines. And let me tell you, based on the performances that I gave he won’t be Doin’ or Dreamin’ much else for a long while now!”

Alan from Fredericton:

“I was in Antigonish for the weekend and got in a little ‘scrap,’ we’ll say, outside the Split Crow. Then I took the ferry to P.E.I. where my pal hooked me up with his cousin Tracey. And when I finally got home to Freddy my girlfriend helped me ‘unwind.’ I think Gordie Howe would be proud.”

Steve from Enfield:

“Men’s washroom at the Mastodon Ridge Dairy Queen, Irving parking lot in Aulac, change-room at the Shop and Play. Five hours, twelve minutes and three Gatorades. She even wore the Anne wig for the finale — beat that!”

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