Tim Hortons introduces new coffee to target market of people who hate anything new

New Brunswick — Tim Hortons is taking steps toward diversifying their coffee flavours in select Canadian markets. Their newest offering is called Three Peaks Colombian, and the Canadian java giant is hoping to make boiling-hot waves when they introduce it to their target market of 60+ senior citizens who are already set in their ways.

Saint John and Moncton have been selected to pilot the new flavour, and Tim Hortons is hopeful these customers will suddenly begin to care about the taste of the coffee they are drinking and about where the beans originated.

Lionel McGivney, 68, was kind enough to sit down with The Manatee‘s news staff early Wednesday at the St. George Street Tim Hortons in Moncton.

“Donna makes ‘er in the back there every morning,” explained McGivney when asked about the origins of the coffee he was enjoying. When queried about the upcoming flavour Tims is planning to roll out, he went on to in no way answer our question: “Now back when I was a young lad you could get this here muffin and coffee for a dime and a smile, and still have some left over to catch a picture show and maybe even buy some taffy. That taffy was some good. My old man said it would rot our teeth out and he was right — just take a look at these here teeth!” exclaimed McGivney.

Our interviewer slowly backed away from McGivney while maintaining eye contact until he was near the door and could make an escape into the subdivision near Godfrey Lane in downtown Moncton.

Three Peaks Columbian beans are sourced solely from Columbia, while in the past the beans were shipped from dozens of different locations. “Makes no never-mind where it comes from,” said loyal Tims customer Edith Merrithew, 71, of Saint John. “Typically I add 6 creams and 8 sugars, and that pretty well covers the taste of coffee, which I don’t care for.”

Our reporter asked Merrithew whether she ever buys coffee from shops other than Tims, and listed Starbucks, Second Cup and Java Moose as examples. “Never heard of ’em,” she stated, obviously confused by the question.

The new flavour will be available later today in select New Brunswick Tim Hortons locations.


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