Top 10 New Brunswick gift ideas for 2022

Top 10 New Brunswick gift ideas for 2022

It’s the holiday season again in New Brunswick!

After a couple of years of muted celebrations, many New Brunswickers are looking forward to a normal Christmas once again this year…or at least as normal as it gets when you visit your family.

With spiking inflation and soaring gas prices, everyone is looking to spend their pennies as wisely as possible this year. The Manatee has consulted far and wide, and once again has compiled the list of the top New Brunswick gifts for 2022!

  1. An outpatients “Express-pass” to skip the six-hour wait at the hospital.
  2. Free “whale rides” on Delilah at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre.
  3. Putting Kris Austin on the Bilingualism Review Committee (note: gift for Blaine Higgs only).
  4. Big screen TV in your side-by-side.
  5. A secret backroad pass into the city of Saint John so you aren’t stuck in construction traffic.
  6. A reusable shopping bag filled to the brim with diesel fuel.
  7. Bruce Fitch as your sex-ed guest speaker.
  8. Elon Musk takeover of the Telegraph-Journal.
  9. Like, maybe just $1 million from the provincial budget surplus…I’m not greedy.
  10. Data for Blaine Higgs’s wrinkled ass.


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