Tourism NB to offer drive-through attractions starting this summer

Tourism NB to offer drive-through attractions starting this summer

New Brunswick — The province’s tourism department has finally embraced the “drive-through province” label by announcing that it will be offering the option to experience major New Brunswick attractions from the comfort and safety of your vehicle this summer.

The new initiative is meant to catch the eye of people using New Brunswick merely as a bridge to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, or any of the surrounding provinces or states. Hard-to-reach hidden gems such as Walton Glen Gorge’s “eye of the needle” and the peak of Mount Carleton will now be easily accessible by vehicle, with ample parking space and minimal wait times.

The announcement has met with widespread approval from New Brunswickers and potential tourists, as the initiative also appeals to lazy people who want the bragging rights and selfies of visiting iconic tourist attractions without the effort and time spent hiking to said locations.

“I like seein’ the sights, but I hate exercise,” said a pleased Morton Steeves of Truro, N.S. “Normally I have to leaf through tourism pamphlets to get my fix, but now I can actually visit these places.

“Before, I just wanted to get through N.B. as fast as possible,” added Steeves. “Maybe stop at Magnetic Hill ’cause we didn’t have to get out of the car if the kids where whinin’. Now, the whole province is like Magnetic Hill. This summer we’re going to drive right down to the Hopewell Rocks, back up to the fallen one, and have ourselves a barbecue on our car hood.”

While some have criticized Tourism New Brunswick for its promotion of laziness and reliance on methods of transportation dangerous for the environment, the department maintains that the initiative will encourage more tourism on the whole.

“Once they get a taste for what we have to offer, the expectation is that tourists will leave their vehicles and stay for a while,” said a Tourism New Brunswick spokesperson. “If nothing else, all the extra gas spent in the province will help boost Irving’s — I mean our — economy.”

The Fundy coastal drive’s new roads are expected to be completed in 2017, linking many of the attractions and finalizing the short-and-easy route through New Brunswick for lazy tourists.

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