Wealthy Phoenix payroll rep insists it’s ‘no big deal’ that people haven’t gotten paid

Wealthy Phoenix payroll rep insists it’s ‘no big deal’ that people haven’t gotten paid

Atlantic Canada — CBC reported on Wednesday that the Federal government’s Phoenix payroll system failure could end up costing $50 million this year and that there are still about 67,500 pay errors still pending.

Even though there are still hundreds of federal employees who haven’t been paid since February, a wealthy official from the payroll system insists that it’s “no big deal that people haven’t gotten paid and they should just suck it up.”

“It is what it is,” wisely declared Phoenix representative Jody Hall. “Personally, I’d be fine if I had to go a little while without being paid — I just don’t see what the big issue is.”

Hall went on to explain that he feels that the employees who have been affected by the lack of pay should have planned better in case something like this happened. “Listen, these people chose to work for the government,” he stated. “They knew what they were getting into — they know what we screw a lot of things up. They should have just saved some money beforehand instead of paying for fancy houses and butlers and stuff. “

Hall went on to reveal just how little knowledge he has of what non-wealthy people spend their money on, or even how much everyday necessities cost.

“I’ve heard some people complaining that they can’t pay their bills or buy food for their families,” admitted Hall, “but really, how much money do these greedy people need? A loaf of bread will go a long way, and that wouldn’t cost any more than $20 or so, would it?”

The Canadian government has pledged to have the majority of claims paid out by Oct. 31. Hall suggested that this date is “more than reasonable.”

“Everyone should be happy that they’ll get paid in time for Halloween so they can waste all of their money on candy bars and Batman costumes.”

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