Woman totally mangles her painting at wine night

Woman totally mangles her painting at wine night

Fredericton — Sharon Somerville, 43, attended Thursday night’s Sip-n-Paint event at Corked Wine Bar in downtown Fredericton, and embarrassed herself by totally fucking up her painting, which was supposed to be the same as everyone else’s.

“We were meant to be painting the flower sitting on the table over there,” recounted Somerville’s friend Deb Harris. “The point of this event is just to relax, have some wine, and enjoy the company of friends, not to express yourself creatively and make the other women feel bad. That’s what we have ‘adult colouring book night’ for.”

“After a few minutes I looked over and saw that Sharon had painted a bunch of swirls and designs that looked not at all like all the others ladies’ artwork,” said Nancy McNeil, another friend. “I, for one, found it very disrespectful. We only get one canvas each, and she ruined hers with that abstract nonsense. What was she trying to prove? What does she have against flowers?”

Most of the women in attendance expressed their anger that Somerville, with her rebellious nature run amok, completely screwed up the final group photo that always signifies the end of Sip-n-Paint.

“Look at the picture! We have Barb, Deb, Nance, Pam, Pauline, Martha — all the regulars — and then there’s Sharon, completely throwing off the balance of the photo,” ranted Rita, whose painting was a flawless replica of the flower. “If she thinks I’m going to tag her in it on Facebook, she’s insane. What she did was totally incorrect and not at all within the confines of what I see as art.”

We wanted to get Somerville’s side of the story, but she’d already gone home, probably to utterly and irredeemably botch the rest of her night.

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