A mother desperately sanitizing her hands is the Yule Log channel of 2020

A mother desperately sanitizing her hands is the Yule Log channel of 2020

Fredericton — Jennifer LeBlanc, a mother of three from Fredericton, has been selected by the CBC to sanitize her hands, on camera, throughout the entire 2020 holiday season.

The CBC has announced plans to create their very own take on the classic crackling fire special for the 2020 holiday season. This year, the channel, called “SaniTV” by the network, will air from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. starting on Dec. 15 and run straight through to New Year’s Day.

The Manatee reached out to the star of the new program, Jennifer LeBlanc. “Honestly, I already wash my hands about 15 times a day, my kids’ about 80, and I’ve even started sanitizing the dog’s paws when he comes in after a walk, so this will only really be increasing my time spent washing hands by about 15 per cent, and at least now I’ll get paid for it!

“You know, my husband has been out of work since June, and the kids are back in school now, so really…By doing this I’m helping our family through the holidays and myself with my anxiety,” she continued. “I’m going to be so sanitized by the end of this the government will want to research me for a vaccine!”

We spoke to some local UNB Fredericton students to get their opinion of the new programming.

“Jenny’s a hero now!” pointed out Andrew Johnston, first year Arts student. “A bunch of us have already made up a drinking game to watch the channel to. Whenever she gets interrupted by a kid or pet you have to take a drink.  When she runs out of sanitizer, you have to down your drink. And, when her hands start to bleed from all the washing, you have to take a bong rip, put a face mask on, and get waterboarded with a full Colt 45. We can’t wait for the channel to start…So pumped!”

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