‘Amazing Race Canada’ seeks bored New Brunswickers for 4th season

‘Amazing Race Canada’ seeks bored New Brunswickers for 4th season

New Brunswick — Amazing Race Canada is seeking contestants from the Atlantic provinces, particularly New Brunswick. The show, which sees Canadian duos travel across the country completing various challenges, is casting now for its 4th season.

The reason behind the show’s targeted recruitment?

The Amazing Race requires that contestants sacrifice a month of their lives for the chance to win millions in cash and prizes,” said producer Francine Wright. “The average Canadian can’t just pick up and leave their real lives at the drop of a hat. New Brunswickers, though, don’t have much else else going on. They’re generally unemployed, living in a month-to-month rental situation — it’s just easier for them.”

Thousands of Canadians partner up and apply to be on the show, which tests their physical resilience and mental prowess. The most desired trait, though, is a willingness to try anything. “We want people who have nothing to lose,” explained Wright. “New Brunswickers, we’ve found, don’t mind risking their lives and health, because, well, why the hell not? It’s not like they’re in the best health to begin with. Worst-case scenario, they get to take the first real vacation of their lives, and then go home.”

The Manatee caught up with Tom and Terri Horvath at their Geary home as they were filming their application video, which was basically just the two of them sitting on their porch and having a few beers. “I think we stand a pretty good chance of being picked,” said Terri, taking a sip of Alpine. “We’ve been following Amazing Race Canada since day 1, and there’s nothing they do on that show that we can’t do. In one season, for instance, the teams had to be the first to pick a bike lock. I can steal a bike with my eyes closed!”

“She’s right,” said Tom, casting a loving glance toward his wife. “And in another challenge they had to sample Orange Julius smoothies blindfolded and be the fastest to identify the flavours. Guess who worked at Orange Julius for 15 years before he got laid off last year? Yours truly!”

If the duo is selected, they plan to finally finish filling out their EI forms, then take off for a month of fun and adventure. “If we don’t win, no big deal,” added a relaxed Tom. “I’ve nothing else on the go.”

Wright says New Brunswick natives will be the perfect viewing fodder for an audience that’s grown bored of the athletic, overly attractive types who usually grace TV. “I think Amazing Race viewers will welcome the change. Instead of seeing people who are super hot and fit, they’ll be seeing New Brunswickers. They’ll be able to feel better about themselves by comparison — and isn’t that what reality TV is all about?”

Apply here to be on the 2016 season of Amazing Race Canada.

  1. WTF….Not all New Brunswicker’s are unemployed. Just because she had a great need for adventure does not mean we have nothing to lose. Most of us have jobs, house, car, health care and a life. I use to love Amazing race….not no more. WILL not give this judgemental producer and extra penny. Can’t believe the audacity.

  2. I am offended by the narrow minded sterotyping of the author of this post. Like the majority of New Brunswickers I have been gainfully employed for more than 40 years. Yes, I have also travelled extensively all over the world as well as within my own country. I don’t need The Amazing Race Canada to fund a vacation for me.


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