Anti-gun activists rally after Jody Carr releases image of family laser tag

Fredericton — A local MLA is under fire for supporting the use of personal weaponry, after posting a photo of himself and his family posing in front of the Kingswood “Lazer Runner” laser-tag arena. Jody Carr and his group looked “locked, loaded and ready to shoot each other down without hesitation,” as described by prominent anti-gun activist Mel Shirley.

Easter weekend usually promises a break from the media hot-seat for Members of the Legislative Assembly, with the short respite allowing politicians to spend time with their loved ones. This weekend, however, was not the relaxing break Carr was probably hoping for. After uploading the seemingly innocent photo to his personal Facebook page, Carr was met with an intense wave of disapproval, with anti-gun activists trending #Carrgocapcapblaapblaap.

laser2“It’s a terrifying discovery,” commented Shirley in an email, “to find out that a man with political power, someone you thought had conservative family values, gets pleasure from holding a killing device.”

While Carr was unavailable for comment, a colleague who asked to remain anonymous stepped forward to provide some insight.

“I had to look at the photo twice; I could hardly recognize the expression on his face. It was a look of a hardened man … a man who would do whatever it takes to achieve victory. I’m not sure what this means for his stance on gun laws, but I can honestly say it’s come as a huge shock to the Progressive Conservatives. It’s been suggested he be asked to step down to avoid future controversy.”

Controversy indeed. Already, Shirley has launched a campaign to ban laser tag and all other forms of “gruesome gun violence, thinly veiled with lies of fun and innocence.” The movement, already 10,000 strong, is using Carr as its poster child.

“The problem is that we have people participating in governing this province with an agenda,” stated one campaign follower. “And that agenda is some sort of Americanized second amendment crap that preaches walking around with a 200-pound machine gun … or in his case, a futuristic laser pistol.”

While Carr’s future as a member of the Progressive Conservative Party — or the Legislature, for that matter — remains open to speculation, it’s quite evident that Shirley’s campaign will continue to garner support from New Brunswick families who are not comfortable with the next-door neighbour taking their 50-calibre rifle for a walk with the family dog.


  1. Lucky for us C-51 will take care of scum like this!

  2. Trish Kavanaugh April 10, 2015, 11:26 pm

    This is so pathetic! He was enjoying time with his children, PLAYING laser tag! What is this world coming to??


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