STU student can't believe it's almost time to graduate and move back in with his parents

Fredericton — “Time goes by fast when you’re having a blast,” rhymed soon-to-be St. Thomas University graduate Mike Spencer early Monday while discussing STU’s upcoming springtime convocation.

Spencer is currently a senior at St. Thomas and is looking forward to permanently reuniting with his biological parents soon after he graduates.

STUdentGrowing up in Campbellton as an amateur poet, Spencer initially ventured to the Fredericton-based liberal arts university to study 12th-century French poetry, but quickly found his calling in his sophomore year and switched his major to paranormal investigation after marathoning the first season of Supernatural.

“I met so many great people here and it’s so hard to believe it’s almost over. But soon I’ll be cozy in my twin-sized bed from childhood and listening to whatever CDs I was listening to in 2011. I just hope Mom didn’t take down my Borat poster or sell my PS3,” explained Spencer, wearing a seemingly homemade Paranormal State T-shirt.

The Manatee‘s news staff were able to reach Ronald Spencer, Mike’s father, who only shared the following comment: “He better smarten the hell up and quit arsin’ around.”

Spencer plans to sign an extended lease that requires no rent payment with his parents in early May 2015. He also hopes to investigate some local northern New Brunswick legends such as Miramichi’s Headless Nun, central New Brunswick’s Dungarvon Whooper, as well as any ghosts residing around his parents’ neighbourhood on Andrew Street in Campbellton.


  1. It’s nice seeing the small minority represented here in this article. Thankfully, the majority of STU students are already living at home and therefore not affected by graduation.


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