Anglophone school districts in need of teachers must not have checked the basement

Anglophone school districts in need of teachers must not have checked the basement

Fredericton — With more and more teachers retiring across the province, jobs are coming available faster than Anglophone school districts can fill them, according to the New Brunswick Teachers’ Association.

“We’ll have 175 vacancies in the upcoming year! The situation could get pretty dire,” said George Daley, president of the NBTA.

“Plenty of retirees, and as far as I can see, no new teachers anywhere,” he added, quickly scanning the area for any potential teachers he might have missed in his line of vision.

“Nope, none. Darnit.”

But it seems neither the schools nor the teachers’ association checked the thousands of basements, dens, childhood bedrooms and crappy studio apartments across New Brunswick where education grads have been waiting, desperately hoping to land a permanent teaching position.

“I have three STU education grads downstairs, just playing video games and reading magazines. I know they’d love to have a job,” said baby boomer Maria Henderson, whose grown, educated children still reside in her home.

“They’re just waiting for that call. I’d be thrilled if they would get out of the house so I could finally turn that space into a sewing room.”

“I graduated from the education program years ago, and I’ve been subbing, but it’s unstable, unpredictable work, and kids act like brats when you’re just a substitute,” said Toby Abernathy, who moved back into his parents’ finished basement as a “temporary solution” until he could “get back on his feet.”

“Yeah…that was five years ago,” he admitted. “I think I should give up on teaching and just join a rock band.”

The NBTA cite many reasons teachers are retiring as soon as possible.

“There are more demands on them than ever, they’re lacking important resources, and of course, parents take to social media to complain about any little thing that goes on in class,” lamented Daley. “I get it. It sucks. But we still need new teachers, so let me know if you see any around!”

Yet another teacher-in-waiting told us that both her parents are teachers, and they’re both retiring this year.

“So perhaps I can snatch up one of their jobs!” enthused Abby Holloway, who’s been redecorating her childhood bedroom to have more of a “young professional” feel rather than a Disney princess theme.

“This province pumps out sooo many grads, so there’s probably going to be a lot of competition, but I’m their kid so that should count for something, right?”

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