Fredericton police have biggest drug bust, followed by strangest Twitter feed, in force’s history

Fredericton police have biggest drug bust, followed by strangest Twitter feed, in force’s history

Fredericton — On Thursday, police officials announced the single largest drug seizure in the city’s history. The force confiscated over five and a half kilograms of crystal meth, several hallucinogens and cocaine, as well as a large amount of cash and several firearms.

After announcing the bust on Twitter Thursday morning, they followed up their achievement with one of the strangest threads ever seen on a city account. 

A post was made at 12:36 p.m., stating that the police had made the bust, and outlining the items seized. Accompanying the the tweet was an image of the evidence.

This was followed 20 minutes later by a second tweet, featuring a .gif of Dan Ackroyd in the film Ghostbusters, rolling his eyes back in ecstasy. Accompanying the image were the words “When it’s 4/20, but you don’t be smokin’, you be bustin.’”

Less than an hour later, there were three tweets sent out in short succession, reading as follows:

“Pictures of Anya Taylor Joy”

“Pictures of Anya Taylor Joy naked”

“Pictures of Anya Taylor Joy naked not fake.”

Some have theorized that this was meant for a search engine, rather than the official Twitter feed, but there was not much time to consider this possibility before another series of tweets went out not five minutes later.

“I dint’s eat my skin. Its supposed to be on the outside #truehealth facts @DARECanada.”

“SKIN IS NOT FOR FOOD! ITs fgibjr faces only!” #Fjnswinop @AnyaTaylorJoy”

“Siri how do I replace skin. Play King Crimson on Spotify fuckitshit.”

After this, the account posted a series of emojis, one at a time. The first being a bag of money, then a boomerang, a woman crossing her arms, and finally, the Chilean flag.

The account then sent out a photo. It’s uncertain what it depicted, but Twitter’s automatic filters were quick to flag it as “inappropriate.” 

There was several hours of silence from the account, until 9:47 a.m., when it tweeted just these words:

“Elon Musk. Plz…” 

This was the last thing posted from the Fredericton Police account. The Manatee hopes for further clarification later today.

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