City of Fredericton reports only 10 accidents on roundabout opening day

City of Fredericton reports only 10 accidents on roundabout opening day

Fredericton — In a pleasantly surprising press release, the City of Fredericton reported only 10 motor vehicle accidents on the opening day of the capital city’s new roundabout.

While many speculated that the opening day would have at least 32 accidents and 4 deaths, the city proudly laid to rest any worries in an announcement by Mayor Brad Woodside Wednesday morning.

“They said we couldn’t do it. That we’d be crazy to try. But we showed them that with a little public education and a whole of of luck, anything is possible,” said Woodside.

Critics from around the globe are still waiting to see whether day 2 brings any more accidents, as they suggest it is likely that people were too afraid to try driving through on the first day, but will now have a false sense of confidence after hearing about how few accidents there were.

As evidenced in the video above from YouTube user John Smith, the City of Fredericton’s official public education campaign did not have the desired effect. The city’s transportation department is now in talks with The Manatee to produce a video that better explains roundabout usage.


Here is that video.

  1. Yep, I was going to take the roundabout into work this morning but decided against it when my passenger started exhibiting signs of a pending full blown panic attack. The compassion for my panicking passenger coupled with the raw desire to live, made me wimp outta the experience of rocking ’round the roundabout this am. Took the boring but safer route to work. But be it known, rounding ’round the roundabout has officially been placed high up on my bucket list. Hopefully, I will be around after the roundabout to complete the remaining items on this list. Mavis

    • muriel - hanwell, nb September 30, 2015, 10:02 pm

      Bravo Mavis – it is on my bucket list too – well, after I have done all the other stuff and this would be last on the list cause I wouldn’t survive!

  2. I have never seen a roundabout with so many instructional markings…. and yet someone still managed to go the wrong way. Not a proud moment New Brunswick, not a proud moment at all.


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