Clear frontrunner emerges after first federal debate: that guy from ‘Blue’s Clues’

Clear frontrunner emerges after first federal debate: that guy from ‘Blue’s Clues’

Canada — The first federal debate has come and gone as swiftly as a six-pack of Alpine on a Friday night. And the overwhelming fan favourite and now hands-down frontrunner for prime minister: that guy who played Steve from Blue’s Clues.

In an impassioned speech that touched our hearts, minds and the hollows of our burdened souls, debate night would have been a loss had it not been for the inspiring words from a trusted, well-respected leader who has come back from obscurity to remind us all why it’s a gift to be able to live our lives together.

No, it didn’t come from Blanchard, Singh, Paul, Trudeau or O’Toole, though it would’ve been much more shocking had that been the case. These wise words came from everyone’s favourite childhood clue-finder, Steve!

While viewers lost interest in the debate at a record pace, they quickly turned their attention to the viral video being shared on every social media platform available from the once-forgotten child star, which tore at our heart strings and left everyone with a clear top-candidate for our country’s next prime minister.

“I don’t even know if this guy is Canadian but he’s got my vote,” expressed debate-watcher Hailey Moore. “This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever been inspired while watching a leaders’ debate and I just know he can do a good job at running this country.”

The Manatee obtained viewership numbers from the CRTC, which indicated those who tuned into the debate almost immediately switched over to the trending video instead.

“What am I going to do, watch Trudeau tell us how great he is?” questioned Barnaby Keller from Saint John. “Or O’Toole tell us how stupid Trudeau is? Or that French guy talk about Quebec? No thanks, I decided to watch the Blue’s Clues guy on repeat for two hours instead and I’m very confident my time was much better spent.”

In a poll released early Thursday morning in wake of the debate last night, Steve from Blue’s Clues has taken a 12-point lead over the neck-and-neck Trudeau and O’Toole in the race to become prime minister.

“Of course we’d be better off with this guy,” continued Keller. “We don’t need a blue dog giving us clues on this one — all these terrible candidates have already given us all the clues we need.”

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