Couple sort of watch TV together

Couple sort of watch TV together

Fredericton — After a long week of sort of raising their children and sort of working, a husband and wife on Fredericton’s north side are winding down by sort of spending some quality time together.

When asked for a brief overview of her week, Patricia Maroon said that she couldn’t actually remember a lot of what happened, but was happy to share what she did.

“Well, I made breakfast, I made lunches, I made dinners and went to Sobeys a few times,” recalled the 35-year-old mother of three. “I picked the kids up from daycare, I yelled at them to do homework, I yelled at them to clean up, I yelled at them to listen, I yelled at them to brush their teeth and I yelled at them to go to bed. Also, I had to go out and get some throat lozenges.”

Patricia’s husband Clark added that while he and his wife put in a solid week at their full-time jobs, neither could remember actually accomplishing anything.

“Well, I know I was there and I was sort of working,” he struggled to articulate. “I made some phone calls and responded to some emails, went out for coffee a few times — that’s about it.”

When the lovebirds finally got a reprieve on Saturday evening from their life demands, they settled into their favourite spot on the couch and sort of watched a show on Netflix.

“We turned on the new episode of The Fall, which we were super excited for,” Clark further explained. “And then right when the show started we both got out our phones and scrolled through Facebook for the next hour — I have no idea what happened on the show but I can’t wait for the next episode.”

Our reporter asked the couple whether they had similar plans for the coming week. They both responded: “Sort of.”

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