Trudeau announces next vacation will be in Petitcodiac

Trudeau announces next vacation will be in Petitcodiac

Fredericton — While he’s blowing through the province today on a whirlwind tour, it appears that the prime minister is coming back when he can stay a while.

Now under investigation by the federal Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner over his Christmas trip to the Bahamas, today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his next vacation will not be somewhere warm and lush. He plans to vacation next in Petitcodiac, N.B. in early February, that is to say right in the so-called “dead of winter.”

“I accept that Canadians are having a hard time swallowing that my family and I were whisked away on a helicopter to a private island in the Bahamas,” admitted Trudeau. “Nothing makes Canadians more angry than when someone they know gets to travel to somewhere tropical in the wintertime and they don’t. That really sticks in the craw, so to speak. I get it, and I’m sorry. I’m going to make it up to them.”

Trudeau’s vacation in southern New Brunswick will be drastically different from his last vacation. “The Trudeaus will be camping for 7 days and 6 nights in a 37-foot trailer parked in the back on ‘some fella’s’ woodlot,” said a spokesperson from the PMO. “The trailer will have no electricity or running water, but will have a complimentary 2-4 of Alpine beer. It will be warmed only by propane heaters, which usually work when you jiggle the switch a bit.

“The first couple will have full-access to borrowed snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles as well as snowshoes and cross-country skis. But, they likely will only see more trees and snow no matter where they go. They will be able to have campfires assuming they are able to get a fire going. The firewood is kind of wet and frozen, so… you know how that goes.

“The Trudeaus promise that at no time will they have any fun whatsoever in New Brunswick,” concluded the spokesperson.

  1. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.
    First I am actually happy for someone when they have worked hard and earned enough money to treat themselves to a holiday. Any time of the year.
    The annoying part of it is when I and every other hard working Canadian are footing the bill that’s bs.

    The fact that you can’t go and spread money around your own country and actually enjoy the beauty of Canada is ridiculous.
    You have to go somewhere ‘lush’ to have fun. Wtf!!?
    Btw if you think that this ‘hard done by’ week in NB will earn you any brownie points your wrong.
    You are taking yet another holiday when YOU SHOULD BE WORKING like everybody else.
    What other Canadian family can afford to take the holidays you do? Let alone can afford to miss that much time off work.

    Please resign. Don’t worry your still get your pension and be able to galavant around on our dime.
    But give us a chance to have someone in that position that is willing, able and capable of doing the job.

  2. Mr. Trudeau: I as a Canadian retired couldn’t afford to go anywhere on our 25th Wedding Anniversary, but you Sir have taken 10 Vacations on the Canadian taxpayers money. This is not taking into account your Global Climate trips, with your family accommodating you. The extra day in Japan to celebrate your Anniversary still cost Canadians for down time with the two pilots on standby. You just Don’t get it, do you. While Canadians are out of work, losing their homes, having to go to the Food Bank every week to be able to feed their family. Just because your the Prime Minster, doesn’t give you the entitlement to jet around the World, while your constituents are out of Work, like the 200,000 oilfield workers in Alberta. You Sir have only been available in the House of Commons 33% of the time. Your liberal Government has only past Eleven Bills in your first year of being in power, the average is 48 bills, and Stephen Harper’s Conservatives passed 58 Bills in their first year. Now your starting to hear that the taxpayers aren’t happy with you, so what do you do. Let’s go on a traveling road trip to show your concern for Canadians. You have embarrassed Canada’s reputation on the
    World stage with your ridiculous speeches. We need to take away your Air Miles Card, wrap it up in cellophane and put it in a freezer. Sir I sincerely believe you have an Agenda to follow and it doesn’t include Canadians. Please do us a favor, and stay in Canada and actually go to work, the rolled up sleeves is getting to be old stuff.

  3. I hope they come visit me when they are in Petitcodiac ! If they want to “warm up” I have a furnished apartment that is not rented out. They can stay there free if they wish to. Love to have them !


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