Dad discovers Dollarama because they put one next to Canadian Tire

Dad discovers Dollarama because they put one next to Canadian Tire

Fredericton — Raving about the “new” place that sells lots of good, cheap stuff, your dad wants you to know that the Dollarama is a great spot to get anything you need — and it’s just outside the Canadian Tire.

“It’s a lot like Canadian Tire, but everything’s under five bucks,” explains your dad. “They got batteries, garbage bags, flashlights, windshield wiper fluid, chips and pop…everything, pretty much.”

Your dad says he took the truck for an oil change at the Canadian Tire near Two Nations Crossing on the north side this morning. While he waited, he perused the neighbouring Mark’s Work Wearhouse as usual, where he purchased a new pair of T-Max boot socks for $11.99 before standing outside to kill more time.

“I saw that green and yellow sign over there that I never noticed, so I went on over and looked in the windows. It was pretty busy inside but it ended up being worth it for all the good deals. Look! I got these sunglasses for two bucks and this ice scraper for a dollar! You’d probably pay about five times that — at least — over at Crappy Tire.”

Your dad assures you that Dollarama must be a brand-new enterprise, since he’d never heard of it or apparently the concept of dollar stores of any kind.

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