Daylight saving time gives New Brunswickers extra hour of waiting for COVID-19 press briefings to start

Daylight saving time gives New Brunswickers extra hour of waiting for COVID-19 press briefings to start

Fredericton — Last weekend’s time change for daylight saving has given New Brunswickers a chance at an extra hour of sunlight during the darkest months of the year and more time to wait for the provincial government’s COVID-19 press conferences to start.

The change, traditionally done twice a year to align waking hours with daylight hours, will see the sun rise earlier in the morning and give residents an extra hour of sunlight while also waiting longer for the “live stream will begin shortly” screen on the New Brunswick government’s YouTube channel.

Adjusting to the time change can take upwards of a week or more, said one Public Health official, which is why the government is also rolling the clocks back on its COVID briefings to allow for an extra hour of waiting.

“It’s important to us, the government, to waste as much of New Brunswickers’ time as possible, and daylight saving gives us a great opportunity to use these extra minutes wisely, by making people sit through more stock photos of piers and forests and the Fredericton skyline while they wait to see how many new COVID cases there are and what new bizarre and nonsensical rules we’ll put in place arbitrarily and based on little to no science.”

Public Health adds that, despite the extra hour of waiting afforded to New Brunswickers from the time change, reporters at the press briefings will still only be allowed to ask one question each with only one follow-up, in order to be respectful of everyone’s time.

Not everyone, however, is supportive of the time change. Many jurisdictions across North America have been holding votes on whether or not to do away completely with the daylight saving time change which, like the provincial COVID briefing, has grown to become nothing more than an inconvenient exercise with no clear purpose other than to simply mess with people and make them feel like garbage.

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