New Brunswickers begin bootlegging Bud Light

New Brunswickers begin bootlegging Bud Light

Fredericton — As the possibility of an NB Liquor strike looms, entrepreneurial New Brunswickers have begun buying up all the Bud Light and other popular macro beers in stores, with the plan to sell them at a premium when they inevitably run out.

A Manatee reporter was on scene today at the Devon NB Liquor store, where supplies were running dangerously low. Shelves once fully stocked with whisky, rum, gin and vodka were practically bare. The beer cooler was emptying swiftly as customer after customer darted in to grab their booze. We spoke with a few customers and staff about the atmosphere since the impending strike was made public.

“If NB Liquor employees end up going on strike, stores close, the supply chain dries up, you know what’s going to be in demand? Beer,” said Jimmy Turnbull, who was filling a cart with cases of Bud and Alpine. “This ain’t for me — I’m going to put it all in the basement and sell it at twice the price when the ol’ alcoholics start jonesin’.

“I don’t even drink, but since CERB ran out I need some way to make a living,” he added with a shrug.

“It’s like toilet paper all over again,” said Donna Allen, who was mainly stashing up on boxed wine for future resale. “Except it’s worse, because unlike toilet paper, alcohol is an absolute necessity.”

“People are panic-buying everything — it’s flying off the shelves,” said cashier Sheila Forbes. “Well not the pricey craft beers, of course, just the cheap swill they won’t be able to get locally if we strike. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been taking some extra home after each shift, to make some money while I’m off. You should see some of the desperate people who come in here — I’m confident they’ll pay four, five times what it’s worth, easy.”

At press time, our reporter witnessed a man who looked suspiciously like Premier Blaine Higgs, wearing sunglasses and a hoodie in addition to his mask, grabbing the last case of Bud Light for himself.



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